One week on – wagons roll at Vic North Cafe Deli Classes!

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November 20, 2015 by Vic North

A week on, keys in hand and it’s a whirlwind of action, decision and more action. From business plan to reality, building Vic North Café Deli Classes is go!

IMG_5872 IMG_5873










Following last week’s announcement, and with all eyes on doors opening 1st December, putting the Vic North stamp on the premises – brightening up – is a priority; yet choosing paint colours feels like the least of the demands.  Waking to such full days is energising. I absorb buckets of information, ranging from a visit to the accountant, a visit to the coffee suppliers, a thorough run through of the menu with Jasmine, our talented and energetic chef, a quick colour check on the walls of the café, and a recce on the sandwich press. A routine meeting with environmental health –all part of the process – leaves me giving silent thanks to my predecessors at LouLous, for leaving the kitchen so beautifully ordered… The learning curve is steep yet exhilarating – even down to a trip to the wholesalers with the fabulous chef, Tom Holden. Choosing pots and pans was never so much fun!

Evenings come, and after rounding up the children from activities, and settling back home, I find myself selecting wooden spoons and contemplating the new journey we’ve well and truly embarked upon.

leave room for dessert

Great sentiments – thanks Honey & Co!

All in a day’s work.

My days have never felt fuller and yet my energy and focus remains stronger than ever – powered by a mixture of excitement, promise and responsibility – I want to do my staff and my community proud.

In the course of all this activity, I learn more about the heritage I’m becoming part of, the food culture that is so strong here in Newport, and the surrounding North Pembrokeshire countryside. A chance conversation and I discover that a previous tenant was a chef who created luxury ready meals on site. As ‘real food’ frozen meals are part of the plan for Vic North Café Deli Classes, I feel a sense of circles being completed.

I’m super thrilled to give you a peek tip-off regarding our house coffee. We’ve been looking for something that tastes amazing, confident, bright and flavoursome –  and we’ve found exactly that – coupled with it being a local roaster and a winner in the Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Awards is just the icing on the cake. Welcome Coaltown Coffee, we’re so happy to have you on board!




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